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Rummy is a traditional card game beloved by millions all over the world, especially in India. Rummy as a game brings together strategy, skill and entertainment for both casual games and competitions. We offer you an immersive rummy experience at Lotus365 where you can play different variations of rummy and join exciting tournaments.


Overview: Points Rummy is the most popular and fast-paced variant played with 2 to 6 players using one or two standard decks of cards including jokers

How to Play:


  • The aim is to arrange your cards into valid sets (three or more cards of the same rank but different suits) and sequences (three or more consecutive cards of the same suit).
  • Each card carries some points with it, thus, the winner should have minimal number of points when someone declares.


  • As soon as the deck has been shuffled, players are dealt their own cards.

  • In every turn players either pick up one card from a closed deck (this means that they can just see that topmost card facing down) or from an open deck (they take up this topmost card facing upwards from the closed deck).

  • Afterwards, each player discards one of his/her thirteen cards leaving him/her with thirteen-card hand.

  • A player keeps playing until s/he melds all his/her cards into valid sets and sequences afterward discarding their last card thereby winning the game.

Betting on Points Rummy

  • Players place bets before each hand based on table stakes.

  • The losing chips is taken by a winner from other players depending on the value of the remaining cards in hands.


Overview: Pool Rummy is played among 2-6 players who accumulate points through multiple deals till they reach a predetermined score limit.

How to Play:


  • The objective is not to get highest points set for this particular game during its course of play so as not to be eliminated.

  • Every player starts with fixed number of chips or points (for example, 101 or 201 points).

  • When a particular player reaches the maximum point limit, a game ends and he/she who has least points at that moment wins it all.


  • The play continues until one player accumulates the maximum points set for the game.

  • Points are accumulated depending on cards remaining in hand by the end of every deal.

  • At the end of the games, whoever has the fewest points becomes a winner.

Betting on Pool Rummy:

Just as with Points Rummy, each deal is preceded by bets placed by players.

Winners of such deals receive chips/points from losing counterparts dependent on accumulation of points from hands they have lost.


Overview: Deals Rummy is played with a fixed number of deals and provides a swifter variant as compared to Points and Pool Rummy types.

How to Play:


  • Each player tries to win as many deals as possible in order to collect chips or points.

  • Mostly, there will be two or three deals in any given match.


  • On every deal, some chips (or scores) are awarded to each participant based on his/her performance in that deal; these added up over several deals constitute final result of this format’s competition among friends.

  • The value attached to cards take away all other cards left in hands from losers into the winning pot following each deal.

Betting on Deals Rummy:

  • Prior to any such dealings wagers are placed by the players involved.

  • In every instance of a game, chips or points will be collected by the winner from losers according to the number of points they hold in their hands.

Tips to Get More Winnings at Rummy Games on Lotus365

Be updated about upcoming Lotus365 casino betting tournaments and register early to participate and display your skills while also competing for valuable titles.

Understand the Rules and Variants

Understand Variant: Get acquainted with particular type of rummy being played in this tournament like example; Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy.
Tournament Rules:Know how scoring takes place, how points are calculated and how people get eliminated from the tournament.

Practice Regularly

Skill Development: Your skills at handling cards become better through regular practice including forming sequences and sets swiftly as well as making decisions under pressure.
Online Platforms: Get used to different opponents and game speeds by playing on rummy platforms like Lotus365 on a regular basis.

Manage Your Cards Efficiently

Plan Your Moves: Develop a strategy at the beginning of each round; decide what cards to keep or discard them according to your sequence and set formation.
Discard Wisely: To avoid high point scores upon opponent’s declaration, ensure that high value cards are thrown off first into the trash bin.

Observe Your Opponents

Track Discards: Watch out for which cards are being discarded by other players in order to know about their sequence and set completion patterns.
Predict Moves: When discarding or melding, try predicting what your opponent might do next based on his/her move before you during rummy games played online using

Focus on Sequences and Sets

Priority: In order not to score highly in points, prioritize building pure sequences (without jokers) and sets when playing this game of rummy with friends or family members over a Sunday lunch at home with all tables laid out properly
Jokers Usage: If possible hold it back for higher value cards of sequences or sets while utilizing jokers as wildcards wherever gaps have been left intentionally especially if they can be utilized to complete such an essential combination in a hand of Indian 13 card ;rummy

Time Management

Play Efficiently: There is limited time in Rummy tournaments so manage it effectively so that you play as many hands as you can within the specified duration.
Quick Decisions: Losing valuable time can be avoided by taking decisions promptly during your turn when playing any of the exciting rummy games on

Stay Calm and Focused

Emotional Control: Even if you find yourself in difficult situations or have bad hands, try to stay calm.
Concentration: During gameplay remain focused and do not allow anything else to distract you as this will affect the quality of choices made.

Adapt to Tournament Dynamics

Adjust Strategies: Based on the tournament stage (early, middle, and late stages) and your position relative to others, change your game plan.
Risk Assessment: Evaluate the likelihood of picking cards from an open deck versus a closed deck based on how you are planning to play.

Lotus365 Customer Support

We have an exclusive team whose duty is to respond to any question or problem concerning rummy game play on Lotus365. They can be reached through online chats, mails.